Sunday, January 19, 2014

Ballet, Soccer, and Pilgrims!

Eli played soccer again this fall (5th season I believe?) through our church's league, Upward Sports.  We really noticed a difference in his competitiveness this season, as he became a much more proactive and aggressive player than he has ever been before ;)  He was the top goal-scorer for his team, and was very proud of that accomplishment.  One thing I loved watching him do this season, aside from playing, was encouraging his teammates from the sidelines.  When it was his turn to sit out, he never just sat there and tuned out of the game... he was usually on his feet yelling the entire time and cheering on (by name) each of the other players. Combine that with his "bossy" first-born nature, and his love of organizing... he would be a great coach, even at the ripe old age of 7!  Ha!  Good job this season Eli, we are so proud of you.

Mikayla is continuing on with ballet, and absolutely loves it.  She entered her first "technical" ballet class at the start of the fall, and has done extremely well with the added expectations.  Prior to this, she has always been in some type of "intro" or "creative" ballet class... where the emphasis is more on having fun.  In the class she's in now, it's more of a balance between really starting to master the technical elements of ballet, while having fun and enjoying it as an art form (and as a form of worship, as she takes ballet at a Christian arts school).  Her school had their big winter recital in December, and she danced to "Sleigh Ride."  She did a great job and I even caught some video footage of it (GO HERE) if you care to see for yourself :)  Way to rock it Mikayla, you are our beautiful princess!!!

I also wanted to share a couple cute pictures of the kids dressed as pilgrims from their school Thanksgiving play.  They each had speaking parts, and did a fantastic job!!  After the play, they enjoyed a "feast" with their classmates, and wrote down things they are thankful for...

"I am thankful for Jesus because he died on the cross for our sins."  -Eli

"I am thankful for food and having enough money."  -Mikayla

And speaking of thankful, I am thankful for these two beautiful children God has given me, and for the ways they are growing in their talents and abilities.  I pray that they will continue to use the gifts God has given each of them to bless others and to honor God!

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