Friday, November 8, 2013

Mikayla's 7th Birthday

Our beautiful girl turned 7 years old in September.  Can someone please stop time for me??

We started the morning off opening a few gifts from the family...

Eli picked out some new earring sets for Mikayla

Our younger boys were just excited to be in on the present-opening action! 
She was thrilled to receive the Merida doll :)
This year, Mikayla chose to have a friend go wtih her to make stuffed animals at Build-A-Bear instead of doing a family outing like we've done in the past.  Yep... she's growing up... and so it begins :)  She chose to invite one of her best friends, Kailey, to go with her.  Kailey is a friend from church who as grown up with Eli and Mikayla over the past four years.  I still remember when they were all in the preschool class together back at the movie theater where we met when the church first began!!

Mikayla chose to make a red panda, and Kailey made a dog.  We took our "new furry friends" out to dinner at Chipotle afterward, and then headed back home to join the rest of the family for cake and more presents!

A beautiful picture for to hang in her room at the new house!  Thanks Nana and Papa!!

More room decor from Nana and Papa
"Brave" card!
A Barbie car from Grandma!
Grandpa's gift to Mikayla was the outing to see "Little Women," and this gift was given to her by some of the Chinese students who attended the play with them :)
Mikayla was NOT amused by the trick candles I put on her cake this year... though I happened to think it was hilarious :)
We love you so much Mikayla!  You are growing into a beautiful young woman, and we are so proud of you.  I love your heart for Jesus, and your desire to help and serve those around you.  You have blossomed into the role of "big sister" to three younger ones this year, and this momma is extremely grateful for your willingness to joyfully lend a hand when I ask for your help.  You are very creative, and have taken an interest in making bead jewelry for all of your friends, combining your loves of creating, jewelry, and gift-giving!  You have an ability to draw and color pictures that look like they were done by someone much older than you. I am always amazed :)  You continue to love to dance (ballet specifically), and of course listen to music.  Whenever I play music downstairs, it's almost guaranteed that you'll be there twirling around the kitchen.  You enjoy swinging across the monkey bars, doing cartwheels (even one-handed!), building forts with your brothers, playing with your dolls, Barbies, and stuffed animals, and pretty much just having fun - wherever the fun is to be had.  I thank God for the amazing gift of YOU.  

Happy 7th Birthday Sweetheart!!

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