Friday, July 5, 2013

Ballet, Little League, Swimming....

I am preparing to post some pictures from our summer trip to Family Camp, but figured I should go ahead and catch up on some spring pics first!!

Eli participated in his first season in Little League (coach pitch) and had a blast!!  He was sometimes called a "rock" in the field, because it was rare that balls would get past him :)  His batting improved a lot over the season and he was very excited each time he got on base... especially when he was able to make it all the way around score a run for his team.  His coaches were friends from our church, which was such a blessing - they were a great encouragement to Eli and he learned so much from them.

Buddies from church!!
Go RiverDogs!

Mikayla completed another year of ballet - her second semester at Experience Arts School.  She loved wearing an angel costume for her spring recital - complete with beautiful, frilly wings.  The more girly, frilly, lacy, shiny, etc. that something is, the more Mikayla loves it :)  Mikayla has a very natural athletic ability, and her dancing technique has greatly improved over the past few years.  This fall, she will start in her first "technical" ballet class, which means the focus will be more on perfecting technique in her skills, as opposed to just the introductory classes she has been in up to now.  

Eli and Mikayla also both completed another round of swimming lessons recently.  This year they were in one of the more difficult classes, and learned a variety of swimming strokes.  I actually was tired just watching how many laps they swam across the pool and back :)  They did a great job and we definitely have two little fish on our hands this summer!

As you may know if you follow our family through Facebook, or our foster blog, we added two sweet brothers to our crew in the month of March.   We have gone through a lot of transition in the past few months - some good, some bad, some easy, some hard, some really hard.  But, we are now almost four months in as a family of seven, and I'm happy to report that all things considered everyone is doing quite well.  Our house is MUCH louder than it used to be, and there is pretty much constant activity going on around here, but it's good.  Exhausting at times.  But good.
The first day our boys arrived...
Easter 2013
Mothers Day... I more than doubled my blessings as a mom in 2013!

Next Up:  Super CUTE pictures of the kids from a recent photo shoot, and Hutchison Family Vacation 2013... it was an adventure.  Stay tuned :)