Sunday, January 13, 2013

2012... Where Did You Go?

Obviously blogging was not at the top of my priority list for 2012 :)  And although sometimes my Type-A personality wants to start feeling stressed out about not updating the blog, I have to remind myself that the minute this blog starts becoming a "stresser" in my life, that will be the minute I need to shut it down.  And truthfully, I enjoy blogging!  As long as I don't succumb to the pressure of feeling like I need to keep up with it on a certain timeline (though I would like to not continue the trend of skipping two months at a time...) ;)  So, I'm still here and planning to continue on with blogging in 2013 - whatever it may look like!

I have thought about blogging a number of times throughout the last couple months, especially considering we had MANY exciting things going on - a vacation, anniversary, events/outings, holidays, and more!  But, when I just didn't quite end up with enough hours in the day (as seems normal lately), I chose to use my time to just LIVE in the moment, and spend the extra time with my family.  Instead of cutting that time short simply to blog about how we spent the time.  And if I'm completely honest, sometimes I would just rather watch the entire first two seasons of Downton Abbey on Hulu.  Or sleep... sometime my life has clearly lacked in the past 6 months :)

So, as I was pondering how to pick this blog back up and dust if off a bit (you know for a fresh start in the new year), I was contemplating whether to just pretend the end of 2012 never actually happened and just pick up with today.  Or do I go back and write 10+ posts about all that occurred?

Well, the first option doesn't work for my Type-A... I just can't have "holes" existing like that in my blog.  And the second option doesn't work for my time... if I go down that road we just might come to the end of 2013 before I've re-capped everything that happened at the end of 2012.  So I decided that I will instead create a "picture post" of the highlights of the "missed" time period... I'll include short descriptions, but nothing to lengthy.

So without further adieu, I present to you...
The Hutchison Family HIGHLIGHTS of Nov-Dec 2012
(aka "making up for missed blog posts").

Here we go...

We started off November with a family getaway to the San Diego area.  We enjoyed Legoland, the beach (although it was cloudy, foggy and cold!), and the Zoo!  We received permission from CPS to take Baby A on the trip with us, and were reminded how much work it is to travel with a baby - but we had a great time and were so happy to have her experience it with us.

Our church completed it's inaugural season of a new soccer league we started, as a means of outreach to our surrounding community.  Eli enjoyed a great season with his coaches and teammates, and continues to improve in his soccer abilities.

Eli and Mikayla attend an enrichment program one day each week for homeschoolers, and the K-2 classes put on a cute Thanksgiving program. The 2nd graders were pilgrims, the 1st graders were Native Americans, and the Kindergarteners were turkeys :)

For Thanksgiving this year we enjoyed spending time with our extended family on the Hutchison side!  The kids were excited that their cousin Emmie was in town from California - they all had a great reunion playing together :)  And Baby A of course thoroughly enjoyed wearing her "baby's 1st Thanksgiving" shirt!

And of course we continued our annual tradition of going to see the Nutcracker!  Eli decided to join the girls this year, so Grandpa had to come along as well.  

Hard to believe, but this marked 10 years of marriage for Micah and I!!  My parents graciously kept all three kiddos for a couple days so that we could escape down to Tucson for some R&R.

Mikayla performed beautifully in her Christmas ballet recital.  This year she has joined Experience Arts School which is a Christian performing arts school.  She is enrolled in Creative Ballet, and continues to love it!  At home she is often found choreographing her own dances to music (including well thought out costumes and everything!).

Making Christmas cookies with Grandma is the best!!

Our Christmas season was full of of joy and making many memories.  We are so grateful that God sent his son Jesus to be born in a manger and thankful that this time of year allows us the opportunity to stop and reflect on that amazing gift.  This year, our family especially enjoyed the "gift" of having Baby A around, and it was truly a delight to share in her first Christmas with her.

So there you have it... we made it to the end of a wonderful year.  From our family to yours, belated Merry Christmas and wishing you all the best in the New Year!!!

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