Thursday, November 1, 2012

Happy Halloween!

Halloween 2012 brought a Knight, Super Woman, and a Baby Frog into the Hutchison household :) The baby frog was obviously very well protected!  We had some friends from church over for pizza and trick-or-treating, and had a great time.

Eli is obsessed with the Chronicles of Narnia right now...
thus the inspiration for the Knight costume this year!
Couldn't believe she chose a non-Princess-y costume!
Just had to include this one because it makes me laugh...
Mikayla has been doing this big "fake" smile for ALL of her pictures lately...
she was doing it last week at our family photo shoot, lol!
Not sure why it started but just wanted to remember it because I think it's funny :)

Earlier this week we enjoyed carving our pumpkin (I usually carve it, but Micah decided to do it this year... and well, we have decided to forgive him for cutting the eyeballs out leaving Mr. Jack-O-Lantern with plain old triangle eyes... next year I will resume the carving).

Pulling out the seeds... and the "gunk!"
After the eyeball casualty...

Two L'il Punkins!

We also had fun making frosted sugar cookies with Grandma using Halloween/Fall themed cookie cutters.... yum!  Can't wait for the Christmas batch in the near future :)

Hope everyone out there had a fun Halloween too!!!