Wednesday, August 29, 2012

First Grade "Funnies"

In my last post I described the school my kids are attending on Wednesdays this year, called Eagleridge.  Well, each day when I pick them up they blab on and on about everything they did that day, which has resulted in some pretty funny quotes!  Just had to share a few...

Eli:  "Mom, I sat by my new best friend today!  His name is Luke and we are going to be BEST friends!!"

Me: "Mikayla, did you make any new friends today?"
Mikayla: "Yes, I have LOTS of best friends."
Me: "What are some of their names?"
Mikayla: "I don't know any of their names. Maybe I will remember to ask them next week."

Eli: "We had a new boy in our class today named Matt.  Matt and Nicholas are best friends, but Matt is not very nice to Nicolas.  Matt tried to take Nicolas's book in the library and then they started wrestling on the floor.  Mrs. V said kids are not allowed to wrestle in the library."

(are you catching on to the "best friend" theme of 1st grade???)

Mikayla: "We met a new friend today who is from Ethiopia.  He ran fast like me.  That's because we are both from Ethiopia."

Eli: "I really want to be in 1st grade again next year at Eagleridge."
Me: "Well, next year you will be in 2nd grade and you will move up to the 2nd grade class."
Eli: "Well kids don't ALWAYS have to move up to the next class.  James in our class was in 1st grade last year at Eagleridge, and he got to be in 1st grade AGAIN."

Eli: "Mom you didn't stop at the stop sign."
Me: "Yes, I did."
Eli: "No, Mrs. V. says you have to stop for a long time at the stop sign or a police officer will give you a ticket."
Me: "Okay, thank you for that tip."

Mikayla: "I had a job today at school.  I got to do the calendar."
Me: "Oh that's nice, did you have a job too Eli?"
Eli: "Yes, my job was to be the back-of-the-line leader and look for kids who were talking.  If they were talking I got to tell them to be quiet."
Me: "Oh, did you have to tell anyone to be quiet?"
Eli: "Yes, one girl... but she was singing a song.  I think it was a song her grandma taught her.  So I just let her sing it."

Eli: "You can come pick us up early from school if you want."
Me: "Oh yeah?"
Eli: "Yep, the voice will just tell the class to send Eli and Mikayla over to the office.  That's what happened to a girl today.  She had to go get a check-up so the voice just told her to go to the office."


  1. The Voice...That's awesome!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!


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