Thursday, April 5, 2012

Cornrows + Side Ponytail = Cuteness

In preparation for Easter, Mikayla decided she wanted a new hairstyle (with beads).  She has been wearing her hair loose or in puffs the last couple weeks after we took out the gazillion little box braids she had in before that (it took so long to take them out that we didn't have the energy to put in a new style, lol!).  That style didn't have beads, so they were "requested" this time around.  I thought I would provide a few pictures as to what's involved in our hair styling time...

First, we've got our stash of supplies to set out...

 The bead collection, of course...

 I had washed, conditioned and detangled Mikayla's hair in the bathtub the night before.  That process took about 90 minutes, which is pretty typical after she has been wearing her hair loose for awhile... so many tangles!!  My favorite styling tool, by far, is the Tangle Teezer.  I love it it.  And it works!  I put in these large braids after detangling so she her hair wouldn't get tangled overnight.  She actually ended up wearing these for two days because we ran out of time for cornrowing the first day :)  Oh well!

My first step in any style is to create a PLAN.  I use a rattail comb to create parts in the hair (which creates the design) and then clip off sections I am not working with.  

 Then it's just a matter of choosing where to begin.  For this style, I was putting in cornrows around her entire head that would end in a side ponytail... so I began in the front and just started cornrowing.  Honestly, the cornrows aren't too tough to put in, I think the hardest part is detangling and parting off sections.  Mikayla has super thick, tightly coiled hair, so it can be tough to make it go where I want it to :)

 Many people ask me how I put in the braids that go up the back of her head... well here it is in all it's glory - Mikayla puts her head down so it rests between my knees and faces straight down to the floor.  I then work from the bottom of the hairline and braid my way up.  Sometimes she puts a book down there so she at least has something to do :)  Fortunately, she loves getting her hair down so she is quite compliant in the whole process.

 So, here's the lastest "do!"  We picked out big giant Easter-egg-colored beads :)  I made some of the braids larger than usual so I don't expect this to last more than a couple weeks, but am thinking I might just split the braids and add different beads so she can continue wearing the same general style for a month or so.  We'll see what happens.   

If you landed on my blog looking for hairstyles or want more ideas about what we've tried, you can click on the word "hair" in the Labels section to the right.  It should pull up all of our hair posts... unfortunately I've been bad about posting many of our recent styles so I'll have to get more on the ball with that again.  I made Mikayla a cute little photo book that went in her Christmas stocking that had pics of all of her past hairstyles... she LOVED it and it's a way of celebrating her beautiful hair!!  


  1. She is simply beautiful ... and I love the stash of beads.

    Be blessed bunches,

    1. Thanks Sarah!! She loves the bead stash too :)

  2. She is so pretty and I know she appreciates all you guys do for her.

    Love to all grandma Lorton

    1. Thanks Grandma! You are right - she is pretty!! And such a blessing to us :)


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