Monday, February 6, 2012

New Blog Address

Well, here we are... same old blog, but brand new web address!  Hope you found us okay :)  For those who had previously bookmarked our Adoption Blog (and if you still refer or link to it for any reason), please be aware that I changed that address as well.  You can now find the Adoption Blog at: 

I have been thinking about updating these for quiet some time now, but you know how it goes...  The order of importance given to "update blog url's" on my to-do list was extremely low!  I wish the fact that I was finally doing it meant that I had accomplished all of the other things on my list... but alas, that's not the case.  Truth is, this seemingly small to-do item gained higher priority status on my list knowing that we are in the initial stages of a new journey toward becoming licensed foster parents!    I wanted to remove our last name from the blog url, for privacy reasons... smart thing to do for anybody, but especially smart if one is considering blogging about said "foster parenting journey."  Yep - be on the lookout for a new blog series coming your way :)

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  1. Cannot wait to read about your foster parent journey!


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