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Monday, January 2, 2012

Christmas Eve/Christmas Day Recap...

We had a very full, but very fun Christmas weekend this year!  We started off by attending the Harvest Community Church Christmas Eve service... I tried to take pictures of my kids up on stage singing Jingle Bells with car keys, but the lighting was dark and the pictures didn't turn out.  Oh well, maybe next year??  At least I did catch one picture of them in the lobby -

Too Cute.
After the service, we headed over to Micah's parent's house and enjoyed dinner with the Hutchison side of the family.  We also have a good time playing a white elephant game with ornaments... this year was not quite as "rowdy" as some past years have been :)  But still fun, and we ended up with some cute ornaments (now if only I can find room for more ornaments on our tree...).

Merry Christmas Eve!
The Hutchison Cousins... minus the two babies!  I didn't get a single picture of all of them looking at the camera :)
My wonderful in-laws!  AKA: "Nana and Papa"  We love you!
All of the cousins waiting to open their gifts from Nana and Papa...
This picture is a bit blurry, but Eli's expression was so great I just had to include it. LOL!
Sweet Mikayla :)
Good times ahead with these!
We spent Christmas morning at home, just the four of us.  Santa does visit our house each year to fill the stockings and leave 1 or 2 gifts for the kiddos... :)

Exploring their stocking treasures...
A surprise gift from Santa - Scooters!!  Mikayla keeps telling people,  "Santa brought me a scooter with NO training wheels!" :)
Earlier this month the kids wrote letters to Santa (part of a homeschool writing activity) and  Santa granted their requests by bringing a "girl video game" for Mikayla and "Cars 2 cars" for Eli.

Funny story about the Cars 2 cars that Eli received... one would assume that the cars actually have wheels that move.  After all, who would make a Cars 2 set like this, full of cars that don't actually roll??  Well, apparently Santa did... or he was deceived by the evil elves that built this toy.  What could have been so disastrous, ended up being "mostly" fine because of my sweet boy who still happily played all day with is non-moving cars.  He told me "Mom, you didn't tell me that I needed to put in my letter for Santa to get me cars that move, and not FAKE cars."  You are so right my son, that was totally my bad... I can almost guarantee that he will have no problem working on descriptive writing in next year's letter.  On another note... we did make to to WalMart soon after Christmas and he spent some Christmas money on actual Cars 2 cars that move :)  Though surprisingly, he still does enjoy playing with the non-moving cars as well!

Thanks for being such a good sport, buddy!  Sorry that Santa was not very smart this year.
Petey was on the "naughty list" this year, but he must have given Santa his "cute look" because his stocking was filled anyway.

Our "big gift" to the kids this year was an outdoor basketball hoop.  Last year you may remember that Micah stayed up all night on Christmas Eve putting a backyard swingset together... thankfully, the basketball hoop didn't require as much assembly :)  Ever since putting this up, our driveway has become quite the hot spot for all of the neighborhood kids to play!

Go Eli!
Nice shot Mikayla!
She wanted a doll house... and was thrilled to receive a PINK one!
After playing a guitar with his good friend Aaron, he decided he wanted one too.  If he ever becomes a rich and famous musician, at least I will always have this picture of where it all began...
Thank you to Grams and Pa in Florida for the Pillow Pets!!  They sleep with them every night!
Thank you to Grandma and Grandpa for taking us to Build-A-Bear for our "early" Christmas presents... we love "Lightning McQueen" (blue bear) and "Pom Pom" (the bunny).

Around lunch time on Christmas day, we headed over to my parent's house to spend the afternoon with the Thompson side of the family.  The Green Bay Packers happened to have a football game on Christmas so we were met at the door by this creature...

Merry Christmas from the Cheesehead!
And he converted two followers...

We enjoyed a great lunch together, exchanged some gifts, and played our annual white elephant DVD exchange game.  Good times, good times.

I think I caught everyone right after they took a bite of food :)
I guess that wraps it up!  Lots of laughs, great food, fun with family, making memories, and remembering the baby born long ago, who changed my life forever.  What a great Christmas we had!  Until next year...