Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Thanksgiving Week

Obviously you can tell by the title that this post is a little belated.  I guess we have been busy.  You can probably relate :)

Nonetheless, we had a wonderful Thanksgiving spent with Micah's side of the family this year.  We enjoyed a traditional meal at his parent's house, and then some lively games of Scattergories and Catch Phrase!  I remembered to take my camera along, but forgot to actually get it out and take pictures.  I tend to become very competitive when games are involved... who has time for pictures when you are trying to WIN at Catch Phrase.

I did, however, happen to take ONE picture.  And I just have to laugh that this is the one and only picture I will ever have from Thanksgiving 2011...

drum roll please................

I am pretty sure that when people think of homeschooled children, the picture above might describe what pops into their heads.  :)  I'm so glad we can fit the stereotype.

Fortunately, I had more picture-taking opportunities during the week of Thanksgiving as we visited Zoolights!  We took advantage of the member preview nights this year, and we were so glad that we did! Normally the place is crowded and you tend to walk around in a "group" of people the entire time.  Well the preview night was hardly busy at all - the kids had room to run, jump, and do all those things kids like to do!  We took our time walking around, watching the dancing trees, eating kettle corn, and just enjoying the sights.  If you are a Phoenix Zoo member, I HIGHLY recommend attending Zoolights on one of the November preview nights if you plan to go in upcoming years.  

Mikayla and I also had the privilege of joining my mom and sister for our annual outing to the Nutcracker.    Mikayla first became interested in dancing ballet after she saw the Nutcracker performance in 2009, when she had only been home with us for about two months.  She absolutely loves going, and this year when I asked her if she enjoyed the show, she said yes but that she really wanted to be dancing on stage instead of watching in her seat.  Since I couldn't accommodate that request, we at least downloaded the sound track on to my ipod so she can dance around the house (which she would probably do in all of her spare time if she could).

Here's the pretty little lady, all ready to go to her 3rd Nutcracker... yes, the purse had to come.

And she even had the chance to see Santa Claus!

We had a wonderful time, and I'm already looking forward to going again next year.  What a great way to ring in the Christmas season!

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