Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas Sights At Our House

Can you tell I am catching up on blogging?  Three posts this week... I think that's a record for me in 2011!

One of my favorite things to do during Christmas is decorate!  I love getting all of the decor out of the boxes and sifting through memories that each item brings.  This year I had fun deciding where to put everything, since we are celebrating our first Christmas in our new home.  Once it's all set out, with each thing in it's "perfect" place, I like to sit on the couch after the kids go to bed, dim the lights (with the exception of candles and Christmas lights), and just enjoy the PEACE and beauty of it all.  Here are a few glimpses of Christmas at our house...

Love, love, love candles

My grandma made this a few years back out of safety pins, beads and lights!  I somehow misplaced my star that goes on the top, but I'll probably find it when I'm packing everything up :)

I think this little church looks beautiful when a candle inside lights up the stained glass windows.

A tealight candle tree... of course!

My mom bought me this little tree a number of years ago... I believe during her days of working at Hallmark when she could get great deals on all the "cute stuff!"  I still love taking this out and decorating it with the mini-ornaments.  (Mom, if you are reading this, will you please get my children one of these so I do not have to share mine?)  :)

 No fireplace to hang the stockings?  Don't worry, China cabinets work just as well.

Christmas wouldn't be complete with an ornament wreath!

Love Christmas trees.  Ours is filled to the brim with ornaments... many with special memories... and we add more each year.  I think we are going to need a bigger tree.  We might have to keep it in the back yard.

This was my favorite ornament growing up... I believe my parents first got this when I was a baby.  A wind-up toy with a ribbon attached... perfect :)  The baby's walker is a bit broken, but she still deserves a place on the tree.

This one belongs to a certain, special little girl...

And these are treasured by a certain, special little boy...

And who is this cute kid??  Ha ha - had to include it! :)

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