Saturday, November 12, 2011


Another soccer season has come and gone... Eli had his last fall season game this morning.  He enjoyed the season overall, and for the first time was one of the "better" players of the group.  He was in the upper age range for the league, so I think that helped a lot :)  He really has improved in his skills, and it's hard to believe that this was his 4th season!  I still remember the 3-year-old team he played on back in 2009... you would have thought we were torturing the kids with how much time they spent crying on the field.  If you have a 3-year-old, I would highly recommend starting them out in t-ball... it's a nice, friendly sport where everyone takes turns getting to bat, run the bases, and catch the ball... unlike the soccer mob mentality, ha!  Nonetheless, Eli survived that first rough season and has grown to really enjoy the sport.  He told me after his last game today that he, "can't wait to play soccer again, and get more trophies."  After all, that's what it's all about right??
group shot

 soccer star!!

Eli was fortunate to play in this league with two of his good buddies from Harvest Community Church... Aaron (a fellow "PK") and Evan.  The three amigos had a good time together :)

a few action shots...

Eli was all about getting a sportsmanship medal AND a trophy this season :)

group trophy shot

good job buddy, you make us so proud!

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