Wednesday, August 24, 2011

1st Day of Kindergarten - Homeschool Style!

So I was planning on waiting until September to start our Kindergarten homeschooling adventure, but I was ready, the kids were ready, and August 24th seemed like as good of day as any.  So, thanks to the homeschooling perk of "flexibility" and doing whatever you want, whenever you want, KINDERGARTEN STARTED TODAY!!!

Our day began like most others with the kids having time to eat breakfast, watch a cartoon, play for awhile, do a couple of chores, and I even got dinner in the crockpot!  I was thankful not to be rushing around trying to get the kids ready early like would probably be the case if they were going to a school this year.

The first thing I did was what any good parent does on their child's first day of school - take pictures!  I decided to take them outside by the tree in our front yard.  I want to continue taking first-day-of-school pictures in the same spot each year so as to easily see how much the kids grow and change.

Mikayla - 4 years old (will be 5 in a few weeks!)
Eli - 5.5 years old

The kids share a bedroom in our house, which allows us to use the 3rd bedroom as a "school room."  I know of many families who homeschool just fine without a dedicated room in their house for it, but I personally appreciate having a place for all our "stuff" so that it's at our fingertips when we need it.  I also enjoy being able to utilize the wall space!  Here is a little glimpse into our school room....

What Kindergarten is complete without a calendar, hundreds chart, and alphabet?

Maps of the world and the U.S.A. - these will especially come in handy with our Five in a Row curriculum series that we will be starting next week (more on that later...).  My kids have LOVED looking at these maps since I put them on the wall... they spend so much time finding and talking about all of the places!  I suggest putting maps in your kids' rooms even if you aren't homeschooling! :)

A little song for the first day (tune of Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star)... go ahead, you know you want to sing it...

My hubby had the AWESOME idea of converting the outside of the closet doors to be white boards - BRILLIANT!  

One benefit of not being in a public school is that I can put Bible verses on the wall!  My son tends to be a perfectionist, like me, and has a tendency to want to give up if he can't do something just right.  My daughter, on the other hand, has a tendency to sometimes "daydream" through thing and not really focus and do her best.  I put this sign up in the room and we are working to memorize Philippians 4:13, as it applies uniquely to each of them.  I also secretly have this verse on the wall for myself and the days ahead when I want to pull my hair out and give up on this homeschooling thing... lol!

 The teacher "command center" - an OCD person like myself is in heaven when I see this many different tubs and slots for organizing things.
Every house needs a kids' bookshelf!

 And here is the table where we do our seat work.  I set-up some "first day of Kindergarten" books as a surprise for the kids this morning.  We enjoyed reading some of these today!  I appreciated the one on the bottom left corner, Kand0o Kangaroo Hops Into Homeschool, as it's one of the only books I could find about a child starting school in a home environment (and it ties in Philippians 4:13!).

We enjoyed lots of fun activities today including: calendar, weather journals, starting our Math program, reading stories, starting "All About Me" books - both digital and on paper, singing songs, and trying out a new learning website on the computer.

All in all it was a great first day!  Eli said his favorite thing was doing Math, and Mikayla said her favorite thing was working on the "All About Me" books.  I think my favorite thing was just spending the day investing in my kids and seeing the looks on their faces upon learning or being able to do something new.  Here's to another great day tomorrow!


  1. so, its bad that i'm totally jealous of your amazing homeschool room, right? i mean, its way more fantastic than all that stuff i have piled on the cabinet by our kitchen table.

    i must remind myself that we live in a tiny house so we can live in an amazing climate. why can't i convince myself proximity to the beach is just as great as a cute, practical, creative, organized homeschool room?

    so excited for you by the way. praying for your new adventure. (totally love five in a row!)

  2. Thanks for joining the Five in a Row Blogroll! Your homeschool room is wonderful!

    May you feel blessed in your homeschooling journey :)

  3. Hope you have many more wonderful days together! We keep scripture posted all over ~ it helps me as much as the kids. Everything looks great in your room, and FIAR is so much fun. Happy Learning!


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