Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Catching Up!!

I can honestly say that the month of May was a complete blur... and apparently I have spent the first part of June recovering from it, so I apologize for being a bit absent from this blog.  The good news is that I am now "pretty much" officially a stay-at-home mom!!  The reason I say "pretty much" is because I'll still be working three days per month next school year for the district, but after having spent the last few years jumping around between various full and part-time administrative positions... three days per month almost doesn't count :)  I am really excited to begin this new phase of life and looking forward to the physical and mental energy I can now completely devote to my family.  I'm going to especially need it in a couple of months when I become the Kindergarten teacher for my two kiddos.  

So, here is a picture recap of what we've been up to in the past six-ish weeks...

First off, Mothers Day.  Had a great morning at church where each family was blessed to receive a family portrait (mine has replaced my 2010 Mothers Day picture as the new blog header... did you notice??).  I am amazingly blessed to be a mommy to two wonderful children and they made me feel so special.

After church, we went to visit MY mom for lunch and I invited myself (sort of) to join my sister and my mom on a pedicure outing!  Thanks to grandpa who hung back with the kids :)  

As fortunate as I feel to be a mom, I am equally blessed to have a wonderful mother who I love very much!   

Right after T-Ball ended, Eli jumped into another soccer season.  His team was called the "Banana Peels" and Micah was the coach.  They both had a lot of fun and enjoyed the season.  I was happy that the games ended right before the weather really started getting hot around here :)

Mikayla had her first ballet recital at the beginning of June and she was THRILLED to wear her tutu costume and dance on a stage.  She even got flowers from grandpa after the recital was over.  

It's getting HOT around here, and swimming season is well underway!  The kids have enjoyed taking lessons this summer, and we have been in the pool almost every day for the past two weeks.  Mikayla is officially swimming on her own now, and Eli is "almost" there.   

I had a hair session with Mikayla the other day and we tried criss-cross cornrows for the first time ever on the top of her head.  I thought they turned out pretty good!  They were easier than I expected so I'll definitely have to put them in again.

And she hadn't had beads in awhile, so we put box braids all over in the back to accommodate many colorful beads, including butterfly beads on the ends of each braid :)

New hair - do = Happy Girl!

Well, that's the recap!  Hopefully now that things will slow down a bit I'll be more consistent with my blog posting.  Did I mention we are probably moving in a couple of weeks?  On that note, maybe I'll start being consistent next month... or the month after that... :)