Sunday, April 3, 2011

Not To Be Outdone by Her Brother...

Mikayla decided that since Eli had his "claim to fame" on the blog yesterday starring in his t-ball video, she should get hers today... So I present to you Mikayla the ballerina!  (You can tell she takes her dancing very seriously!)

Oh, and take note of brother lounging in the chair as if he's bored to tears :)  Don't let him fool you though, right after she finished he wanted to make his own dancing video for the blog... let's just say I'm holding on that one for some great black mail in the future, lol!

I promise this will bring a smile to your face - especially those of you who knew Mikayla in Ethiopia or had the chance to see her when we first came home... boy, what a difference 18 months can make :)

1 comment:

  1. Great job Mikayla.

    Love ya lots.

    G.Grandma & Pa.


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