Saturday, April 30, 2011


Now that I've" oohed" and "ahhed" over everybody else's Easter pictures  (posted in a timely fashion on their blogs) I decided I should get around to posting ours... only a week late!  Never to fear, we DID have a wonderful time celebrating Easter last week, and here are the pics to prove it.

First on the agenda - Easter hair.  We chose to put in corn rows all around Mikayla's head, leading to a bun on the top.  I have to admit, my main motivation for choosing this as her Easter hair style is due to the fact that she has a ballet recital coming up and I was experimenting with a way to get her hair to stay in a bun.  The good news?  This style WILL work for the recital AND it looked super cute for Easter!

 Mikayla approved!

Next up... coloring Easter eggs!

The intensity of it all...

Adding stickers...

 Look, it's my name!

 All Done!  Petey wanted to be in the picture too.

Easter Sunday...
Waking up to find lots of goodies in the Easter baskets :)

Grandma and Grandpa joined us for Harvest's Easter service

The traditional Easter egg hunt and Nana and Papa's house

 Baskets full of eggs!  And LOTS of candy!

Cousins :)

And a family pic... I guess the sun was too bright for Eli! :)

My favorite thing about Easter this year was the fact that the kids were so eager to learn about Jesus death, burial, and resurrection.  They asked many questions and are really beginning to "digest" what it means to be a  Christian.  I am humbled to reflect on what Christ went through that day He died on the cross, and grateful that He loved us (me) so much that He paid the ultimate price.  I am thankful that on Easter we can celebrate because HE IS RISEN and one day He will return!


  1. Love the bun and the braids look fantastic.

  2. thanks for sharing all the pics.

    they were great.

    grandma & grandpa

  3. hair looks awesome. isn't it fun when they grasp what they're hearing, not just repeating!!!


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