Monday, March 28, 2011

Forts and Hair

Spring weather is in full bloom here in AZ, and we have been busy!  We've been taking advantage of the beautiful sunshine (and not-too-hot-yet temperatures) and spending lots of time in the backyard.  The kids are really getting a lot of use out of the swingset they got for Christmas.  I have realized that I need to take my camera out there more and get some pics!!

For now, I just have a picture of the "exciting" activity that occurs on a daily basis in our house: building forts.  But, it's not the kids building the fort... it's me.  Yep, thanks to my grand idea of showing them how I could build a fort one day... they now ask for one every day :)  I must admit, my fort-building skills are getting better and better!

I have also done quite a few new hair styles on Mikayla since the last style I posted (which I think was at Christmas??).  But, unfortunately haven't thought about taking pics of the styles until they were already 1-2 weeks old and looking pretty sad.  So, here is a style we put in this week with box braids in the back, and corn rows into pigtails on the top (of course with beads!).  I did the box braids in back on Saturday and then she wore her hair in two big braided pigtails on Sunday to church... it looked okay, but obviously wasn't "finished" yet, so she wasn't thrilled with that :)  But, to her delight we finished the style this morning and I think it looks so cute!

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