Saturday, February 12, 2011

Five Years Old

I have had to pinch myself a few times in the past week to make sure I'm not dreaming... I just can't seem to grasp that I have a FIVE year old.  I guess when your child is under five, they can qualify as being in the infant/toddler/preschool stage.  But five is different.  Five seems big. I think it has caused me to stop and think at how fast these first five years have flown by... it means 10 is not far away... and then 15... and I pretty much can't handle that thought right now so I'll stop there :)  Regardless, it has been a good reminder to enjoy every passing day, as these are days we can never get back.  I am so thankful for my boy and am proud of who is growing up to be!

Eli: Age 5 (this list is more for my benefit as I don't want to forget these things... but if you are not interested feel free to scroll down below to the pictures!)

  • Favorite Toys: puzzles, stuffed animals, cars, magna doodle, wii (mariokart & toy story mania), toolset, leapfrog tag reader, books
  • Favorite Foods: Mac & Cheese, hot dogs, cheese crisp, pizza, cookies
  • Favorite Places: Home (yes, he is home body), Grandparents house, Church, Library, Mall (play area), park, McDonalds, the Phoenix Zoo
  • Loves learning - lately Micah has been teaching him easy addition/subtraction with manipulatives, and he asked in the car the other day if we could do "more math!"   (To which Mikayla fittingly replied, "I don't want to do more math." haha!)  He also enjoys sounding out and writing new words - we are regularly surprised at how close he can get to the true spelling of the words he is trying to write.  He also likes studying maps (of the U.S., of the World, of the Zoo... you get the idea) and one of his birthday gifts was a puzzle map of the United States which he attempts to put together a number of times each day.
  • He is a thinker.  Many times we just see the wheels turning in his brain after he observes or hears something that was said... then later typically comments on it (usually it's pretty funny).  For example, the other day he heard me say that I didn't know someone's phone number.  A few hours later, after his nap, he woke up and told me, "I know why you couldn't call your friend.  Because her number has a 10 in it, and our phone only has the numbers to 9." (lol!)  
  • Perfectionist.  Yes, he unfortunately inherited this from me.  He will often not want to do something unless he can do it perfectly.  He gets easily frustrated if he can't do it "just right."  I think Mikayla is wonderful for him in this area, as they are a good balance for one another :)
  • Loves God.  Even at a young age, he has a love for the Bible and for God.  He loves reading through his picture Bible, and always has to be the one to say our dinnertime prayers.  He soaks up everything he learns from Bible stories and Sunday School, and often asks questions about God, heaven, etc.  The other day after disobeying, he was said and wanted to know if God was mad at him.  Part of me was sad that he felt God would be mad at him, but it's a perfect example of his deep thinking, perfectionism, and love for the Lord all rolled into one.  It also led to a great conversation about God's grace! :)
  • And finally, Eli loves playing with his sister.  He had such a tough adjustment the first three months after Mikayla was home, but you would never know it today.  They are best friends, and endlessly play together every day.  Eli loves giving his sister lots of hugs and kisses.  The one thing he consistently will cry very hard about, is if he does something "not nice" to Mikayla and has to tell her he is sorry... it's really pretty cute how he cares so much and doesn't want to disappoint her.

February 10, 2011... In Pictures:
Opening presents... with his audience :)

Sometimes I feel like I have three children...

Eli wanted to go bowling for his birthday, so that's what we did! 
 Grandma, Grandpa, and Aunt Bonnie joined us for the fun.

To finish off the evening, Eli chose to have dinner at Peter Piper Pizza.  
Nana and Papa met the rest of us there, and we all enjoyed pizza and games!  
Eli isn't a big fan of cake, so we ordered a giant chocolate chip cookie from Paradise Bakery and it was a bit hit.  We even ordered him his own 6" cookie with a number "5" on it that he enjoyed all to himself!

Happy Birthday buddy, you are loved by so many!!

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