Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas Morning

The kids loved their new toy kitchen giving by Grams & Pa (aka great grandma and great grandpa).  A special thank-you to the Meister family for the assistance with this purchase :)
Santa brought just what they asked for this year... stuffed animals!
Bat, ball & glove... ready for spring t-ball!
Daddy's special project... he worked on this for many hours on Christmas Eve day, then stayed up finishing it until 4:30am after we got home from church services that evening! 

Petey enjoyed his bone... I think it was a bone that was still in the bag from last Christmas... oh well :)

Wings, Tiara, Wand, and Purple Dress... what more could a girl need?

Oh yeah, a chef's hat!

For Unto Us a Savior Is Born - He is Christ the Lord!

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