Monday, December 27, 2010

Bye Bye Hair... 11.5 inches that is!

Yesterday was my birthday, and I enjoyed a wonderful morning going out to breakfast and shopping with my mom and sister - something that has become a tradition for the three of us.  Micah took me out to a fabulous dinner later that evening at PF Changs - one of my favorites!  I also received a birthday card from my children - they love writing their names on things and my card was no exception, it was signed "Eli," "Mikayla," and "Bat."  (Who is Bat???)

In between the festivities, I went to a hair salon and got a new "do!"  It's quite a change as I chopped off 11.5 inches of my hair.  I have been planning on doing this for awhile now, just haven't had the time.  My head feels like I lost a few pounds off of it :)  I was privileged to be able to donate my hair to a wonderful organization called Locks of Love.

Happy Birthday To Me!

Looking forward to experiencing all that God has in store for me this next year. I am truly blessed!


  1. Wow Bethany, you look gorgeous! Makes me want to cut my hair too...

  2. You look so pretty! Happy Birthday!

  3. Happy Birthday!
    I just found your blog - we are finishing up our homestudy to adopt from Ethiopia! I saw on your adoption journey blog that you sell t-shirts. Do you still do that? Let me know!
    Have a beautiful day,
    betsysquires at verizon dot net
    Baltimore, MD

  4. Ah, I remember the day I did that. Then I continued to chop my hair shoerter and shorter for about a year. I can finally pull mine back again... with the help of clips.

    tamara b


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