Monday, November 1, 2010

Happy Halloween!

Step 1: Clean out the pumpkin guts

Step 2: Carve a funny face

Step 3: Put on costumes

Step 4: Go door-to-door begging for candy (aka "trick or treat!")

Step 5: Smile for a picture and enjoy your loot! :)



  1. thanks for sharing.

    they are so cute

    Lortons in Ohio

  2. Super cute, Bethany. I love the matching costumes!

  3. I just started a blog for my family. I made our blog address and when I went to look at it to make sure I did stuff right I forgot to type in "the" first and found your page. It's so cool you spell your last name the same and have adopted a gorgeous little girl who reminds me a lot of our little girl we just adopted!Smiling, tall,skinny,and beautiful!
    :-) Anyways, I just had to say hi! You have a beautiful family!


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