Saturday, September 25, 2010


Eli and Mikayla are playing on a soccer team together this fall.... that is one of the perks about having two kids the same - they can play on the same team which means we only have to drive to one practice and one game!  And they BOTH get to have daddy as their coach!

There is a big difference in this team of 4/5 year olds versus the 3-year-old team that Eli played on last fall.  Nobody cries about "having" to play or walks off the field at random points in the game :)  I have seen a huge improvement in Eli as far as his desire to play, hustling on the field, and actually trying to get the ball (though he still mostly likes to run around the outside of the "pack").  Mikayla is definitely athletic and coordinated, but I think she was half-asleep during the first game.  She did much better today (game #2) and actually became quite aggressive - almost scoring a goal!  Her true desire is to take some type of ballet class, so we may look at doing that in the spring, we'll see.  For now, she will "put up with" this soccer thing. :)

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  1. Sweet action shots (including Micah)! They look like pro's out there :)

    C. Potter


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