Saturday, September 25, 2010


Eli and Mikayla are playing on a soccer team together this fall.... that is one of the perks about having two kids the same - they can play on the same team which means we only have to drive to one practice and one game!  And they BOTH get to have daddy as their coach!

There is a big difference in this team of 4/5 year olds versus the 3-year-old team that Eli played on last fall.  Nobody cries about "having" to play or walks off the field at random points in the game :)  I have seen a huge improvement in Eli as far as his desire to play, hustling on the field, and actually trying to get the ball (though he still mostly likes to run around the outside of the "pack").  Mikayla is definitely athletic and coordinated, but I think she was half-asleep during the first game.  She did much better today (game #2) and actually became quite aggressive - almost scoring a goal!  Her true desire is to take some type of ballet class, so we may look at doing that in the spring, we'll see.  For now, she will "put up with" this soccer thing. :)

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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

"Are They Twins?"

So by now I am used to the numerous stares I get when I am out in public with my two kiddos... most of the time the stares are harmless, but sometimes random strangers take it upon themselves to ask me inappropriate personal questions about whether or not my daughter is my "real" daughter, etc.  I know all of you other adoptive parents who have children of another race know what I'm talking about! :) 

For those who don't know... it is one thing to talk about your family and your adoption with people who are invested in your life as friends, or who are honestly trying to find out more information about adoption because they are considering adopting themselves.  It's a whole different story to fend off questions from complete strangers who insert themselves into your lives in public places and seem to think it's appropriate to ask you very personal questions.  I find myself often "on guard" in these situations because I know my primary responsibility is to guard my children and show them appropriate responses to "inquisitve" questions from strangers.  Sometimes people mean well, but the fact of the matter is that if we don't know them (or why they are asking) then we typically don't share much.  I also want to protect my daughter and her story... it's not the business of the lady at the library to know what happened to her parents and whether I love her as much as I love my son (yep, just a sample of questions people actually ask IN FRONT OF my kids).  I could write a whole post on this, but I think I will save that for another time...

Today, I have a lighter, more humerous story to share!

I was at Target this morning with my kids and noticed that the cashier was "studying" us, and I was prepared for the typical round of questions.  But this time, the conversation went a little different....

Cashier: You have beautiful children!
Me: Thank you!
Cashier: How old are they?
Me: They are both four.
Cashier: (continues thoughtfully studying them) Oh, are they twins?
Me: (stunned silence) Um.... no.... they are not twins.  But they sure act like it sometimes :)
Cashier: (smiles)

And with that, we left the store!  True story!  I have no idea what she was really thinking but I just smiled all the way to the car and knew this deserved to be recorded in a blog post :)

"Twins"... can't you see it?!?

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Happy Birthday Mikayla!!

Tidbits About Mikayla, Age 4:

*Loves to wear dresses, earrings, hairbows, hair braids (and beads), and all things "girly"

*Enjoys playing make-believe games with Eli - usually ones that involve taking out every stuffed animal in the house

*Favorite foods are pizza, macaroni, and chicken nuggets

*Likes "cooking" us food with sand or play-doh

*Can make-up a song about pretty much anything

*Is scared of bugs, snakes, and her closet being open at night

*Can't wait to take ballet classes someday

*Usually content to go with the flow and willing to take risks and try new things

*Enthralled by Disney princesses

*Loves going to church, learning about Jesus, and saying her prayers :)

We had a wonderful time celebrating Mikayla's 4th birthday this past week.  I remember last year sending her paper dolls and a card across the ocean... what a difference a year makes. 

Many times people comment on what a lucky little girl she is, but the truth is that WE are the lucky ones.  Mikayla is a gift from God and we are privileged that He has entrusted her to us.  On this special day we celebrated her birth - even though it was not something we were a part of.  We remembered her birthmother, with heartfelt gratitude.  And we praised God for His faithfulness to her and to us as we know this birthday is the beginning of many to come, and it is by His love and grace that we are bound together, forever, as FAMILY.

Though this was Mikayla's 4th birthday, this was her FIRST birthday with us, and she was so excited for the day to arrive (especially after witnessing Eli's birthday back in February!).  She asked me almost everyday if there would be presents for her, and if she would have a cake.  She almost couldn't believe that it all actually came true and she had those things :)

We started off the morning the way she wanted to - opening presents!
 Mikayla is truly a "girly girl" and loved receiving some new jewelry, a Cinderella doll, a pink piggy bank, a tutu, a "girl" train, and a cute new outfit!  Eli was so supportive and happy for her to open her presents.  He commented nicely on each thing she opened, and was happy to smile right along with her for all of the pictures I was taking.  I love that my kiddos LOVE EACH OTHER!

We then headed off to IHOP for some birthday pancakes!
Fun times at Jump Street!  Tramplines & bounce houses, what could be better?

The birthday excitement continued the following day as we met some extended family members for dinner at Red Robin followed by cake, ice cream, and of course.... more presents!

Mikayla has wanted a Princess Tiana dress since our visit to Disneyland in June.  We told her she could ask for it for her birthday... and she has, almost everyday!  She finally got to open (see the picture above) and we have had Princess Tiana running around our house ever since!

And of course... what could be more fitting than a Princess Tiana CAKE!
Happy Birthday Sweet Girl!!  We love you!!

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Saturday, September 4, 2010

One Year Ago (Yesterday)...

We received our long-awaited travel dates to fly across the world and bring home our daughter. I am re-posting "Part 1" of our adoption journey as a way of looking back and remembering God's faithfulness to us!!