Tuesday, July 27, 2010

July... Where Was I??

Well, I was right HERE.  Yep, I can honestly say that I probably spent more of the month of July in that building than in my own house :)  I took on a new position for this school year as an Assistant Principal at one of our K-8 schools... it just so happens to be the school right down the street from where we live which is definitely a plus!  After working in our school district's main office for the past four years, I am welcoming the opportunity to be back in a school setting.  I already have so many funny stories and am truly enjoying the daily interaction with kids again! 

The year that I was pregnant with Eli, I held a school administrator position at another K-8 School within the district, and truly enjoyed the position.  The part I did not enjoy so much was the time commitment.  When I was a teacher I put in a lot of hours, but I was fortunately able to work some of those hours at home... lesson planning, grading, etc.  In administration you put in a lot of hours as well, but unfortunately those hours require you to be at school for morning/evening activities and events.  So, after Eli was born I decided to put the school admin thing on hold for a few years and fortunately gained a part-time position (which eventually became full-time again) working out of the district office. 

This past school year I was really sensing that I wanted to be home more with the kids in the next year, before they start Kindergarten in the fall of 2011.  Micah and I started praying for wisdom and that God would open doors for this to happen.  Shortly thereafter, a job opportunity presented itself... and I couldn't have designed it any better.  The opportunity?  Take an Assistant Principal position... but only work part-time.  Really?!?  So God came through... doors were opened and soon enough the contract was signed.  I have the privilege of job-sharing the position with a friend who has a newborn at home and wanted to have more time to spend with her daughter.  She has been out on maternity leave since June, so I have been filling in full-time during her absence.  But, she comes back next week!!  So this is my last full-time week at school and starting next week I'll be down to 3 days!  I'm so excited that 4 out of 7 days of the week, I will get to spend at home with my kiddos.  They have sure missed their mommy this month, and I have missed them too.  Don't worry babes, the end is in sight!!   ...and maybe I'll actually have time to blog again too :)
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  1. So glad this has worked out for you and your sweet little ones.

  2. Hey Bethany! I check your blog every so often and just wanted to say Praise God for you following the Lord's lead on being at home more! Sending blessings your way and so glad for your sweet kiddos. Carrie Lantry


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