Saturday, June 12, 2010

Yarn Braids!!

Well, we did it... only took ALL DAY... but the yarn braids are in!  I like how they turned out for the first try.  The most difficult part was trying to start the yarn as close to the scalp as possible.  A couple of mine started further down then I was hoping for, but hopefully they will stay in okay.  I will be happy if this holds well through our vacation next week, but I'm honestly hoping these will last for a good 4 weeks or so. 

The cool thing about yarn braids is that we will be able to do a variety of styles very easily while these are in.  Since all of the parts are already there, we'll just add headbands, hair bows, barrettes, etc., in order to change it up a bit. 

Some people don't like yarn braids because they aren't appreciating the "natural hair."  I am not too hung up on that stuff.  I love Mikayla's natural curls, and even today after we put these in I talked to her about how fun it will be to take them out later and see her curls again :)  Mikayla's head was shaved twice when she was in the care center in Ethiopia, and I now know how traumatic that was for her, based on how much she has talked about it since then.  There is nothing she has wanted more than for her hair to grow long.  She is fully aware that this isn't her "real" length of hair, but it's definitely worth putting them in just to see the smile that was permanently plastered on her face all day.  It made all the time and effort completely worth it... even if they don't end up lasting long due to my amateur attempt.


  1. I'm thinking of doing this for my daughter as a protective style, since the hot texas weather is getting to her hair. Any good tips??

  2. Sharon - It is a great protective style! I haven't put these in my daughter's hair since last summer, but am thinking about doing it again this summer. The only thing I would change from how I did it the last time is that I would not put so much moisturizer in hair prior to putting in the yarn... it made the yarn want to slip right off her hair. I might try to find a better way to secure the yarn at the base of the braid... I will have to "trouble shoot" and see what I come up with :)


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