Thursday, June 24, 2010

California Trip

We had a blast on our trip to California this past week. We spent five days at Disneyland/California Adventure Parks, and then three days in San Diego. The trip was jam-packed with activities so I wouldn't use the word "relaxing" to describe it, but it was definitely fun :)

The kids loved Disneyland and CA Adventure. I think that meeting the characters was a favorite activity for both of them. They both got autograph books this year and collected over 20 signatures from characters of all sorts: Mickey, Minnie, Goofy, Pluto, Ariel, Belle, Tiana, Buzz Lightyear, Woody, Pooh, Tigger, just to name a few... :) Eli's favorite ride was the new 3-D Toy Story ride at California Adventure - we went on it three times! Micah and I had fun competing for the high score on that one as well, but I unforunately I think I always lost. Mikayla's favorite ride was Thunder Mountain Railroad which she rode 3 or 4 times (thanks to FastPasses). She calls it "the fast train," which it was. Eli even rode that one twice, and they both enjoyed seeing the snow monster on the Matterhorn bobsleds. We pretty much rode every ride in each park that they were tall enough to ride!

Thanks to the research-based route maps (no joke) from THIS AWESOME BOOK, we didn't stand in any line more than 20 minutes. Except for the time we chose to ride Alice in Wonderland and Peter Pan at night (when Fantasyland was really busy), and when we chose to stand in line for Toy Story in the late afternoon hours. I recommend that book to anyone who is visiting these theme parks - FOLLOW IT. You will be so glad you did. (They republish a new version each year so it is always updated) If you are a Type A personality like me, you will love the book. If you are the opposite of Type A (like my husband), you will love your trip more if you force yourself to follow the book... just ask Micah, he's a believer! :) We really made the most of our time by riding everything in the early morning hours, then going back to our hotel for naps/lunch, and then returning to the parks for the evening shows and parades later in the day. It was fabulous.

Mickey's Fun Wheel

Silly Kids

Thunder Mountain ("Fast Train")

They kids loved the Disney Parade... this year the theme of it was a "dance party" in the streets, and they allowed kids to be a part of it by having them go out and dance with the performers.  You can see Mikayla and Eli below joining in the conga line.

Meeting Mickey and Minnie :)  We participated in Minnie's Character Breakfast one morning, and the kids had a great time scarfing down Mickey-shaped waffles and meeting a ton of characters.

Alice in Wonderland

Of course we had to ride Dumbo!

Mikayla met one of her heroes... Princess Tiana!

I do not like spinning rides, so Micah had the task of taking the kids on the Tea Cups.  They yelled, "Faster! Faster!" the entire time and kept their arms up in the air. LOL.  Micah actually spun it so fast he felt a bit sick by the time he got off. 

Cinderella LOVED Eli!  She gave him a big kiss, and you can tell he is just so proud :)

The name of this train car says it all...

Riding the raft to Tom Sawyer's Island (now called "Pirate Lair")

Toy Story 3-D ride

After day #5 at Disney, we headed south to the San Diego area where Micah's parents had rented out a beautiful house overlooking the Pacific Ocean.  We joined them there for three nights, and spent time at Old Town, the beach, and Sea World!

The view from our house... rough life, I know :)

We had a great visit to Sea World.  Mikayla told me that when she gets big she wants to "learn how to pet dolphins, and whales, and be a princess."

 Hanging out in Old Town San Diego.   Eli loved playing ball on the green grass... a luxury when you are from the desert.  The kids also thoroughly enjoyed the candy shop!

 The kids loved the beach!  Eli spent tons of time jumping the waves.  For a kid who is usually so timid of things like that, I couldn't believe how brave he was :)  Mikayla loved building sand castles.

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  1. What a wonderful trip! The kids are so cute :)


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