Saturday, June 5, 2010

110+ degrees = Craft Time

This has really been the first week I would classify as "pretty darn hot" here in the Phoenix area.  Usually the "true heat" begins in May, but we had a very mild month of May and now the high temps are hitting in full force!  I am hoping this late arrival of the heat doesn't imply that it will last until Thanksgiving...

I don't mind the heat too much... I grew up here so I'm used to it I guess.  When I go to cold places I tend to freeze :)  The nice thing is that there are always ways to escape the heat around here.  Swimming, is obviously one of them, and we have already had our fair share of that!  The other is just to stay inside and do exciting ART PROJECTS!  This past year has been the first year that Eli has really gotten into doing crafts, coloring, etc.  I'm not sure if it's because he's a boy or because he just finally reached a good age for it, but he never seemed to care much before.  Mikayla wasn't into any kind of art project or craft (not even coloring) when we were in Ethiopia or when we first got home.  We tried some things a few different times, but she would just get bored after a few minutes of working on something.

Now they have both turned a corner and a daily question in our home is, "what craft can we do today?"  And it's commong to find them both coloring at their little card table many times throughout the day.  Here are a few glimpses of some of our "craft experiences" over the past couple weeks... 

Painting mini-canvasses for their walls

They love these bead projects where you place all the little beads on the
pegboard and then iron them to hold them together in the correct shapes. 

This morning they painted little bird houses. 
Of course we hung them on the tree outside because the birds are just flocking to move in!

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  1. Very fun!! Gives me some ideas for our little ones!


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