Thursday, May 20, 2010

Did He Really Just Say That?

So today, a feature story aired on the ABC Family Channel, as well as, highlighting Summit VI (see my last post to hear more about our personal experience there). The news report itself covered the Summit beautifully. Many of the people shown in the interviews led sessions that we attended, and we were so blessed/inspired by them!

However, at the end of the news segment, Pat Robertson decides to add his own commentary... and that's where things really take a turn for the worse. He has said some crazy things in the past, but this hit much closer to home for me. I am just not sure what I would have done had I been sitting in Terry Meeuwsen's position as his co-host (and mother of 5 adopted children). Kuddos to her for voicing TRUTH during her interview. And for not throwing something at Pat like I probably would have done.
So, what did he say? Well, where do I begin...
  • How about the part where he talks about how you can't just return adopted children, like you can return animals to the pound
  • Or how about when he discusses how children can be so mentally and emotionally damaged in their first years of life that they will never adjust to being adults
  • Oh, and I loved this quote when he points out that children might have had some type of demonic influence in their past and "you never know what's going to come out."
  • Awesome quote #2, "You can't tell if they have been brain damaged as a child."
  • He has to quote the Bible by reminding us that, "the Bible says count the cost, count the cost, and there IS a cost."
  • And the one that tops them all... "It can be a blessing if you get the RIGHT child. That child becomes part of your family and you love them like your own. BUT..."
So I would like to ask Pat what he thinks we should do? How should we, as Christians, respond to the fact that there are 146,000,000 orphans in the world today and the Lord commands us to care for them. The Bible doesn't say to follow God's commands when it's convenient for you and fits into your "little box." Following God can be messy. Following God can lead to struggle and hardship. Following God means you obey what He's called you to do, even when it's hard, and even when there is nothing in it for you. Fortunately for us, adopting our daughter Mikayla (although it has been hard times) has truly been an amazing blessing for our family... but what if that had not been the case? I am praying for a particular family right now who adopted a little girl from Ethiopia and their lives have basically been turned upside down, for the worse. They are truly going through what I would call a "hell on earth" experience. Does that mean they were wrong to adopt? Does that mean God didn't actually call them to adopt? No, it doesn't. And they would be the first to tell you that. They are fighting for their daughter, both physically and spiritually. They are fighting to save her from the demonic forces that truly have a grip on her little life. And PRAISE GOD that SOMEONE is fighting for her. If you are interested in praying for, and standing with, this family, you can read their story HERE on Facebook (it's long, but worth the read).
God doesn't promise to always bless you when you are following Him... in fact, he actually promises in John 16:33 that "in this life you WILL have trouble." But, no matter what, God is still God. Today. Tomorrow. Forever. He has called us to follow him no matter the cost. I must say, I am so thankful that God adopted me into his family without taking into account how "damaged" I am, or how much I may not have been the "right" child... He took me in, told me He loved me, and promised to love me forever. No matter what. There is no greater picture of what it means to adopt a child.
If you would like to see the video segment for yourself, you can visit this post on the Christian Alliance for Orphans blog.


  1. Micah and I watched this last night and were both, "Did he really just say that?"--our thoughts exactly.

  2. Whew, I watched that yesterday. What he doesn't realize is he just fueled satan's fire to stop adoptions.

    Luke 14:27 And whoever does not bear his cross and come after Me cannot be My disciple.
    Luke 14:28 For which of you, intending to build a tower, does not sit down first and count the cost, whether he has [enough] to finish [it]--
    Luke 14:29 lest, after he has laid the foundation, and is not able to finish, all who see [it] begin to mock him,
    Luke 14:30 saying, 'This man began to build and was not able to finish.'

    Clearly when God calls us to adopt, we have counted the cost because God has given us the strength to finish!!

  3. Thanks Bethany. Once again, you hit the nail right on the head. I never watch the 700 club, but I was told there would be a special clip on the conference, so I DVRed it. I was astonished to hear what Pat Robertson said. With one fell swoop, he negated all of the wonderful things that the clip had been about. I really know almost nothing about Pat Robertson, but I heard the insensitive things he said after the earthquake in Haiti, and now this . . . Who is this guy? I hate that he seems to think that he speaks for all Christians.

  4. I read another great post on this topic this morning:

    I didn't hear what he said, but he is usually off the wall. Did anyone tell him a lot of stuff can happen (including brain damage) to birth children? You can't pick your children and God never promised us perfect lives.

  5. Doesn't the station issue a disclaimer saying the views expressed on the show are not necessarily theirs? I'm thinking I'm starting to agree with that disclaimer.

  6. wow. that is so sad.

    thanks for being such a positive example. :)


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