Sunday, February 7, 2010

What To Do With All Those Christmas Cards?

I wanted to share an idea with you that was sparked by this post written by my friend Stephanie. Maybe you are like me, and you love getting Christmas cards in the mail each year but really have no idea what to do with them once all the Christmas decorations come down. Some years, I have put them all in an album... thinking one day I might want to look at them again. Usually before that "one day" arrives, it is already the next Christmas and now I have new ones waiting to be put in the album. I'm sure many people just throw them out, but it seems so sad to throw away all those cards and pictures!

So, after reading Steph's post I was inspired to create a prayer board... (yes, the pics on the board are blurry thanks to photo editing, because I wasn't sure if our friends wanted me displaying pics of their children on the internet, but you get the idea)

First, I took all of the "photo cards" we received an I cut off the Christmas-y portion. Not that I don't like Christmas, but I didn't want Christmas decor up in my kitchen all year. If we received a card from someone, without a picture, I cut the names out of the card.

Next, I placed all of the pictures in a ziplock (which is actually hidden on the inside of the keepsake box that you see above).

Then, every Sunday my kids each draw out two pictures (or names) to display on the board. We take time each day during the next week, to pray for our friends and family members. It's a great way to teach our children about the importance of prayer and to remember the needs of others (aka: "it's not always about US"). The kids have LOVED this prayer board, and they always help to remind us during dinnertime that we need to pray for our friends "on the wall." Eli even comes to me at random times when he sees the pictures and asks if I will help him pray for the friends on the prayer board (because he likes to pray for them all by name and needs help remembering the names). The other night I was trying to make dinner so I told him I would help him in a few minutes and he said, "No Mom, we need to pray for them RIGHT NOW!" Do you ever notice how God often gets our attention through our kids? At least He does with me. So, I figured that we had better take time to pray RIGHT THEN. :) And we did!

In case you're wondering, the display box is a product of Creative Memories, whom many of you know I love for their scrapbooking products. I actually won the box last summer from my consultant, Stacey. and just hadn't gotten around to doing anything with it yet... I guess I just needed the right idea to come along!

So what do you do with YOUR Christmas cards once Christmas is over?


  1. Cute idea. My girls each have a prayer board in their rooms (those lattice ribbon boards) that we have pictures of who we are praying for, but I like your idea of using Christmas card pictures and changing them each Sunday.
    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Oh, and don't tell my friends, but we throw out the cards after Christmas. :( But I still love getting them and displaying them through Christmas!

  3. That is a great idea!! I will have to do it. By the way, I seriously still have a christmas card for you still at my house. I was too embarrassed to give it to you this late. Now I'm not cause we will be prayed for :) Craft night for me!


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