Saturday, February 27, 2010

Birthday Party!

Last weekend we celebrated Eli's 4th birthday with a Mickey Mouse themed party. He enjoyed having grandparents, cousins, aunts, and a couple friends over for pizza, cake, presents, and fun on the inflatable slide! We actually had the same slide in our backyard for Eli's 2nd birthday, but he was able to enjoy it much more this time around :) The kids played outside on the slide despite the fact that it was rainy and wet almost the entire time! It figures that in the Phoenix area you can almost always count on sunny days... except for the day you plan a party. Oh well, we had a good time anyway and didn't let the rain stop us. Mikayla also enjoyed all of the birthday festivities and is very excited to have her own party "in September," she says.

Mickey Mouse birthday cake by Angie
Mikayla and Eli enjoying some pizza
Tyler, Jackson, and William eating pizza
Eli and Mackenzie have a good laugh together
Mikayla & Mackenzie sliding down
Here go Eli and Emmie!
Oh boy, presents! Thanks everyone!
If you live in the Phoenix area and are ever in need of a bouncy or slide, be sure to contact our friends Melissa and Steve with Dreamland Bouncers... they would love to help you out!

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