Sunday, January 10, 2010

Cards Win and Tooth #2 is Out!

We sat on the edge of our seats tonight watching the final quarter of the Cardinals/Packers game, and were thrilled that the Cards brought home the win :) The kids and daddy were so excited that they started playing their own football game in our living room... didn't take long before one of the "tackles" had enough force to knock Mikayla's 2nd tooth out! After shedding a few tears (I think from the shock of it), she was quite thrilled about the whole event. Even Eli was excited for her! Maybe he is still just glad that it's HER teeth that are falling out and not HIS. Mikayla put the tooth under her pillow and is hoping for carousel tokens so she and Eli can ride the carousel at the mall. Something tells me she just might get them...


  1. Oh my word!!!! Can't believe she lost another! I was just checking out her mouth in Sunday school this morning making sure I hadn't missed anything =) And Go Cards!!!

  2. My husband and I are wondering details about the name change. Did you start calling her Mikayla right away? How did she adjust to it?


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