Monday, December 27, 2010

Bye Bye Hair... 11.5 inches that is!

Yesterday was my birthday, and I enjoyed a wonderful morning going out to breakfast and shopping with my mom and sister - something that has become a tradition for the three of us.  Micah took me out to a fabulous dinner later that evening at PF Changs - one of my favorites!  I also received a birthday card from my children - they love writing their names on things and my card was no exception, it was signed "Eli," "Mikayla," and "Bat."  (Who is Bat???)

In between the festivities, I went to a hair salon and got a new "do!"  It's quite a change as I chopped off 11.5 inches of my hair.  I have been planning on doing this for awhile now, just haven't had the time.  My head feels like I lost a few pounds off of it :)  I was privileged to be able to donate my hair to a wonderful organization called Locks of Love.

Happy Birthday To Me!

Looking forward to experiencing all that God has in store for me this next year. I am truly blessed!

Christmas Morning

The kids loved their new toy kitchen giving by Grams & Pa (aka great grandma and great grandpa).  A special thank-you to the Meister family for the assistance with this purchase :)
Santa brought just what they asked for this year... stuffed animals!
Bat, ball & glove... ready for spring t-ball!
Daddy's special project... he worked on this for many hours on Christmas Eve day, then stayed up finishing it until 4:30am after we got home from church services that evening! 

Petey enjoyed his bone... I think it was a bone that was still in the bag from last Christmas... oh well :)

Wings, Tiara, Wand, and Purple Dress... what more could a girl need?

Oh yeah, a chef's hat!

For Unto Us a Savior Is Born - He is Christ the Lord!

Christmas with Family

Christmas with the Hutchisons...

Nana and Papa passing out gifts to the grandkids
Thanks for the tool set!
She looks like me mommy!
GG you're the best, we're rich!
Beautiful daughter :)

Christmas with the Thompsons...

The kids and I spent Christmas Eve at the Zoo with grandpa, so dad could finish building a "special" present in the backyard. 

In the giraffe look-out

Do I have a 3rd child?
Even the lion was awake and roaming around!  This is rare!
A better view...
Taking a ride on "Dale," the friendly camel
Squirrel monkey... can you see him?
Christmas dinner with the whole gang

Monday, December 20, 2010

Christmas Hair

Just wanted to share a few pictures of Mikayla's "Christmas Hair" (as she calls it). She picked out the Christmas colored beads, and I set to work on the routine of washing, detangling, parting, braiding, and beading!  We started yesterday afternoon and had about four hair "sessions" before finishing up around 1:00 today.  I put box braids in the back, which I have done before and was fairly happy with how those turned out.  I tried a new style on top, a veil-style with braids.  I could tell it was my first time doing it because my fingers were pretty clumsy and the braiding is uneven, but still satisfied with the result for my first attempt.  Mikayla is just happy that her her "clickety-clacks" when she moves around :)  I am happy that it's done and now we don't have to "do hair" for a couple weeks!

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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Christmas Cookies

Tonight we enjoyed making some frosted sugar cookies... complete with loads of sprinkles :)  This was the first time making cookies with the kids, where they didn't get "bored" frosting them after the first three.  They actually sat and frosted cookies for over an hour!  I couldn't believe it.  Now we just need to give some of these away so I don't eat them all... anybody want a cookie?

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving

Our morning started with watching the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade on TV, and we then headed over to my parents house for our Thanksgiving "feast."  We enjoyed the company of my parents, my sister Bonnie and brother-in-law Casey, my brother Ben and his girlfriend Heather.  Eli and Mikayla played some "rousing" matches of ping-pong with dad and Grandpa.  Eli was quite concerned with how many points each team had throughout the match - I supposed you could classify him as a bit competitive :)  We ate a wonderful meal cooked mostly by my mom, but I added a couple of side dishes to the mix.  My mom even made some delicious homemade pumpkin and chocolate pies (the chocolate being a recipe of my great grandma Ruby).  We relaxed by watching football and browsing through tomorrow's Black Friday shopping ads - yep, I'm going out to face the crowds tomorrow morning... haven't done it in a few years but am looking forward to trying to get all of Christmas shopping done in one day.  Wish me luck! 

This year I am especially thankful for my family, and the opportunity to work part-time so that I can be at home more with the kiddos.  I am also thankful for our wonderful church family at Harvest Community Church - words really can't express how much you all mean to us.  Of course there is so much more to be thankful for, but those are two that really stick out to me right now.

On a humerous note, tonight I asked Eli what his favorite food was from the Thanksgiving meal, and he replied, "the crackers."  (We had crackers out as an appetizer before the meal, LOL!).  He then thought about it more and added, "oh, and the turkey too."  Ha! He always keeps us laughing :)

Some pics of the day...
Ping Pong Match 

 Looks like he is doing a karate move!

 Pretty Girl :)

Being Silly :)

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Monday, November 1, 2010

Happy Halloween!

Step 1: Clean out the pumpkin guts

Step 2: Carve a funny face

Step 3: Put on costumes

Step 4: Go door-to-door begging for candy (aka "trick or treat!")

Step 5: Smile for a picture and enjoy your loot! :)