Friday, December 25, 2009

Hutchison Christmas 2009

Last Christmas I wrote this post, as I prayed that Mikayla (not even knowing who she was at the time) would be here to celebrate Christmas with us in 2009. Well, that prayer was answered! We were incredibly blessed to spend our first Christmas together with Mikayla, and I must say the past 36 hours have been an endless party around here :)

We enjoyed spending Christmas Eve with the Hutchison side of the family, Christmas morning just with ourselves at home, and Christmas afternoon with the Thompson side of the family. It was all truly amazing as gifts were shared, laughter was heard, and most importantly time was spent reflecting on that babe in the manger, God's own son whom He sent so long ago to save a hurting world. What a glorious day!

A few pics of our "festivities:"
All dressed up on Christmas Eve

Surprises from Santa!
Yep, the kids agreed this was the best "Santa" gift
Ready to go outside and try out the new bikes!

Watch the video and Mikayla will let you know loud and clear what she thinks about her new bike...
Happy to have Princess Tiana
This boy loves cars :)
Our kids were so incredibly blessed this year with gifts from many friends and family members. They honestly loved EVERYTHING. Now I just need to do a massive cleanout of the playroom so we can donate some thing to make room for the new :) I think I'll get to that... some other time...


  1. Sounds like a wonderful Christmas! I love the pictures...your children are so darling. The video is great.

    Thanks for the words of encouragement about receiving a referral soon since many kids are coming home. I hadn't thought about that...sure hope you are right! :-)


  2. what an awesome video. it's so great to hear her sweet little voice!


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