Thursday, December 31, 2009

2009: The Year When...

  • Eli turned 3 years old (celebrated by a Spiderman birthday party at the park)
  • We were certified to adopt in the state of Arizona
  • Fond good-byes were said to our wonderful LifePoint church family in Queen Creek, AZ
  • A new adventure began as we joined the core team to plant Harvest Community Church in Mesa, AZ
  • We traveled to Texas to attend the Summit V Christian Alliance for Orphans conference
  • We were incredibly blessed to travel to Ethiopia and bring home our beautiful daughter, Mikayla Aynalem
  • We witnessed the amazing love, support, and generosity of our friends and family through each step of our adoption journey
  • Mikayla lost her first tooth
  • Micah & I celebrated seven years of marriage
  • Micah & I both celebrated birthdays where our ages began with a "3" (older and wiser...)
  • We took a trip up north to ride the Polar Express and see Santa
  • The kids received training wheel bikes for Christmas
  • Eli ended up in urgent care for a "nursemaid's elbow" and Mikayla battled tape worm and various fungi in her skin/nails (no fun!)
  • I read the Twilight series (yep, I admit it... and I loved it!)
  • Micah got an Amazon Kindle (his new "baby")
  • I (for the first time) moved into my OWN office at work (it even has windows!)
  • We saw one of our favorite movies in the theater - "The Blind Side"
  • Our family experienced many of God's incredible blessings (at times through great struggles), and have come to know Him in a deeper way.
We know the Lord has great plans in store for us in 2010! May we have eyes to see and ears to hear...



  1. Very Cool! Cheers to a Happy and amazing 2009!!

  2. I love to hear family highlights.

    Did the doc tell you how to fix the elbow thing? We had that with our daughter and when I called ER, the doc walked me through it so I wouldn't have to drag her to town. it's an easy fix if it happens again... we know because the next night we were holding B by her hands and feet and swinging her onto the bed (we're good parents like that), and it popped her elbow out again.

    Happy day!


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