Monday, November 9, 2009

Random Happenings

Some random things we have been up to...

Pulling Mikayla down the tunnel slide since she was "too scared" to go by herself (thanks Eli)
Wearing our cute Ethiopian "Brother" and "Sister" shirts, made especially by Carrie (currently waiting to bring her beautiful baby princess home!)
Mikayla's first trip to the Zoo in honor of the Komodo Dragon exhibit opening
Look Mom!
Eli spies his favorite... the rhino!And the ever important stop to brush the goats... Mikayla kept pointing out their pee-pee on the ground and making sure I knew about it!
Feeding the ducks at the park with grandma and great-grandma (Eli told me the other day that he "likes both the grandma's")
Playing dress-up (yes I might use this to blackmail Eli during his teenage years, we'll leave it here on the blog for safekeeping in the meantime) BTW, a huge fight ensued over the tu-tu not long after this picture was taken, so all of the dress-up clothes are currently in "time out"
Just being cute so mom can take lots of pictures!
And finally, giving lots of hugs!


  1. They are so cute. They look like they have been together forever!

  2. Look at those sweet little loves in our shirts! I love it, they are too cute! Thanks for posting that pic, it just made my night! I am going to email you in the morning, I have a few questions to run by you! Hope your little ones are sleeping in heavenly peace tonight as I write! :o)

  3. You can tell there's about to be a fight in that picture. Mikayla is eyeing the tu tu!


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