Saturday, September 26, 2009

1st Soccer Game

Eli had his first soccer game today on the "Under 4 Teal" team! There are a total of 5 boys on his time, and they were so cute/comical to watch out on the field. The parents definitely have to be very "involved" at this stage of things. :)

Eli played well during the first quarter, and then somewhere between the 2nd-3rd quarters he had a bit of a breakdown. The funny thing is that most of the team members decided during these same quarters that they were not going to play. Some were crying, some were pouting, some were refusing... all in all just being three-year-olds. I think our team had one player on the field at one point (three play at a time with this age group). Fortunately, he had some goldfish at half-time and apparently it snapped him out of his "mood," so he was ready to finish out the game playing the 4th quarter.

Our goals for this season are: learning to be happy about wearing our shin guards, learning which direction to run on the field, and to not touch the ball with our hands.

Surveying the competition... game face!

Line up boys! Uniform Check!

Coach reminds the boys to run "that way"

Half-Time snack!

Friday, September 25, 2009

Chuck E Cheese

We decided to take Eli out for a little fun on Friday night, seeing that this is our last weekend as a "family of 3," we wanted to make it special for him. So... off we went to Chuck E Cheese! Every time we got there I am reminded at how incredibly over-stimulating it is. Eli can hardly focus when we talk to him :) I guess it was a good choice, since it will likely be quite a long time before we will want to bring Mikayla to a place like this. Needless to say, we had fun playing video games, skee ball, and winning tickets!

This dinosaur game was one of Eli's favorites!

Ah yes, the "beloved" prices purchased from 198 tickets!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Poor Neglected Blog

Unfortunately the "other blog" has been getting all the action lately, and this one has been... well, neglected.

That will all change soon, however, as our little princess is about to come home! I believe the time will come for this blog to receive a makeover, and begin it's new life following the paths of a family of FOUR.

In the meantime, though, I highly recommend keeping up with that "other blog," 'cuz there's bound to be some exciting stuff happening over there throughout the next 4 weeks! :)