Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Okay, so we have very cool friends and we feel very blessed :) Over the past few days, with our travel time drawing close, we have been thinking through the remaining finances we have yet to raise. I thought about once again highlighting our tshirt sales on our blogs, but I've already done that... not to mention the link sits on the sidebar 24/7. So many friends and family (and even people we don't know) have played a role in helping us bring Mikayla home, whether through prayer, words of encouragement, or financial assistance. In the past I have mentioned an upcoming post about God's provision, and I promise that is still coming... it's just that the story hasn't ended yet, so I wait with eager anticipation knowing full well God will come through and what a testimony it will be share!

Needless to say, within the same 24 hours, two friends contacted me to ask if they could purchase an extra tshirt to do a "freebie" giveaway on their blogs!! This not only meant a couple of extra shirt sales, but also a couple of amazing posts on OTHER people's blogs about our tshirts, and caring for orphans. These posts have led to other posts on blogs of people we have never even talked to before! WOW! So why am I telling you this besides the fact that it is awesome they did it? Well, I want you to have the chance to WIN a FREE tshirt and support the care of orphans at the same time! If you're interested please visit:
  • Stephanie, my beloved friend from college who traveled to India with me where our eyes were opened and hearts were broken to learn what it truly means to be an orphaned child. Go leave a comment on her blog for a chance to win!
  • Megan, my adoption buddy... we have never met in person, but they are preparing to bring a little one home from Ethiopia just like us and would love to have you follow their journey!! Right now, she is hosting "Guess the Referral Date" game... so go play!
  • Oh and if you don't win, but still desire to purchase a shirt, you can always click on the picture of the tshirts in our sidebar to go to the ordering website!
Our prayer is that these tshirts would speak a message, far beyond helping us bring Mikayla home. We pray that as they are worn, others would NOTICE... would ask QUESTIONS... would come to KNOW... and come to CARE. Everyone has a role to play, and the stakes are high. Let us be bold and do our part. The children are counting on us.

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