Monday, July 20, 2009

Highs and Lows

I have neglected this blog in the past few weeks... however, the other one has taken priority lately (and has been much more interesting). Here are some of the highs and lows of the month so far:

High - Meeting all of the new FUSD teachers, and spending time with them at New Teacher Academy (as well as reuniting with returning teachers!)

Low - My insanely busy schedule the past two weeks due to teacher trainings, submission due to the Dept. of Ed., and preparation for the first day of school (which is today)

High - Surviving the past two weeks :)

Low - Replacing all four tires on one car (after a blow-out), then to have one of the automatic windows break on the other car (in the "down" position in 115 degree heat), and then to have the main belt break (I mean shred) while driving the car that the tires were just replaced on. Oh, and did I mention this all costs money? Yikes!

High - Wonderful neighbors who help us out when our cars break down :)

Low - Finding out that we were turned down for one of the adoption grants we applied for... bummer :(

High - Receiving a court date in the federal high court of Ethiopia for our adoption case!

Low - Finding out our court date is postponed, and we aren't sure when it will be rescheduled

High - We heard a rumor that we "might" find out tomorrow when our new court date will be

Low - Learning that the Embassy in Ethiopia did not receive our "Visa Approval" for our daughter, which prevents us from traveling until they confirm receipt of it

High - Working with USCIS and the National Visa Center I BELIEVE the Embassy now has our necessary paperwork... this will be verified by our agency next week

Low - It's really hot outside these days, I feel like I live inside an oven... even after living in the Phoenix area for 20+ years, I am still amazed each summer at how hot it gets and ask myself "why do we live here?" But then I remember the 9 months of beautiful weather we have each year :)

High - I have a beautiful son and daughter :) Now if I could just get them under the same roof.... even in the same country would be acceptable.

I think I could go on and on but this is probably getting quite boring! Oh well, at least I can go to sleep tonight knowing I have not neglected my poor blog any longer. Look for news tomorrow on our adoption blog regarding our court date... hopefully we'll have a new date to post! Woo hoo!

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