Saturday, June 6, 2009

Recent Quotes (by Eli)

One of my favorite things about the age "3" is listening to Eli talk. Now that he is old enough to think more for himself, and has a strong grasp of his language skills, he says the funniest (and cutest) things! Here are some recent quotes heard in our house:

"We're home!!!! ...I've always wanted a home." (background... this is a line from the book "Corduroy" which we have been reading lately)

"I wuv you mommy, you're my best fwend." (awww shucks)

"Daddy you need to help me pick up my toys!" (Daddy replies telling Eli he needs to pick up his toys because he is the one that played with them) "But daddy, you're a GOOD helper!"

Sometimes when one of us gets home from work, or we pick him up from childcare, we ask if he had a good day. If he's tired or doesn't want to talk about it he emphatically tells us "I don't WANT to play that game." :)


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