Saturday, June 20, 2009

Bye Bye Passies!

Last week Eli made a very important decision - he chose to give up his passies (pacifiers) forever! Even though we probably could have done this a long time ago, it was a battle I just chose not to fight. He only used the pacifiers in bed during naps and nighttime sleeping, so it really wasn't that big of a deal. After all, if they helped him sleep better... why in the world change it? :) Now that I have a little bit of time off from work, I knew I wanted to focus on two tasks: potty training (we'll dwell on that in another post), and getting rid of the pacifiers (check!).

Last Sunday morning I asked Eli if he was ready to give his pacifiers to the "babies in the hospital." I have asked him this before, and his answer is usually "no." To my surprise, however, he decided he wanted to! It probably helped that I told him we were going to Target and he could pick out a new toy for being such a big boy :) Hey, whatever works... don't judge! :) So, I gave Eli a ziplock bag and we rounded up all of the pacifiers we could find. Once we got to Target, he was so brave and carried them in all by himself knowing he was giving them away (awwww). If you know Eli, you know he LOVED his pacifiers, so this was HUGE for him. After I did a little shopping, I took Eli to the toy section and he picked a new Thomas the Train track as his "big boy" prize. We then went up to the check-out counter where I asked the nice checkout lady to "play along." Eli handed her his bag of pacifiers as "payment" for his train set, and we asked her if she would deliver them to the babies in the hospital. She played along like a champ (thank you check-out lady)!! She told Eli that he was such a big boy and that the babies would be so happy to get the pacifiers.

So how has it gone since then? Well we had a few tears within the first 24 hours, but after that the pacifiers were pretty much forgotten. Bye-bye passies!!

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