Wednesday, May 6, 2009

So Glad We Went...

We had a wonderful time in Dallas attending the Summit. We enjoyed listening to a variety of great speakers during the large (whole-group) sessions, and then splitting up to attend numerous smaller breakout sessions on all sorts of topics pertaining to adoption, foster care, and orphan care in general. One of the things we grew to appreciate about the Christian Alliance for Orphans, who sponsored the event, is how they bring together churches and organizations working toward the same mission of caring for orphans around the world. By coming together we can have such a greater impact than we would all working independently of one another!

Some highlights from the trip for us were:
  • Spending time together, just the two of us... and "getting away from it all" for a bit! :)
  • Micah attended a breakout session put on by World Orphans, and felt like this was an organization he definitely wanted to learn more about and look at possibly partnering with in the future. We then came to find out that their Phoenix area rep, Mark Gumm, just happened to be at the conference so we were able to meet and connect with him in person! His family recently adopted two school-aged children from Ethiopia, and I actually belong to an online group that his wife is a part of. Coincidence? Probably not :)
  • We had the chance to spend time with Jeff & Bethany - another couple currently adopting from Ethiopia through Holt. They brought their son, Leul, home from Ethiopia a couple of years ago we thoroughly benefitted from picking their brains about their experience so far as adoptive parents. Thanks for being so open with us guys!! Visit their new website Perpetual Change, and be a part of the awesome work that God is doing in their lives and the ways He is using them (and will continue to use them) in mighty ways for His purposes!!
  • Meredith Andrews - Check her OUT! She was the worship leader for the conference, and also had the opportunity during one of the evening sessions to share a few of her own songs that are available on CD or itunes. We were extremely blessed by her music and don't think it will take long before everybody has heard of this gal :)
  • Prior to flying back home we had the privilege of spending a few hours with our friends, Art and Kate, along with their new son Elijah. They took us to a wonderful breakfast spot in Dallas, we played "tourist" for awhile and visited the site where JFK was assassinated, and we also had a great time riding some bronze cow statues.... good times, good times! Thanks for being such great hosts guys!
  • And finally... the BIG kicker... I am not a big fan of flying in planes. Not to the point where I won't travel, but I just have a lot of anxiety when I fly. Well, of course as our plane is pulling away from the gate at DFW to head back to Phoenix, a huge thunderstorm passes through. We drive to the runway and then the captain announces that we will be waiting for the storm to pass before taking off (sigh of relief from me because I would have opted to get out and walk home otherwise). A few minutes into our wait, the captain comes back on the speaker to announce that lightning just struck the runway and put a hole in it, so we would be moving to another runway (lovely). When we finally take-off, it is pretty much one of the bumpiest rides ever for the first 30 minutes or so. Oh and I forgot to mention that the girl next to me was deathly afraid of flying and she clutched my arm and let out low groans and shrieks the entire time we were ascending. Seriously folks, I don't think I'll board another plane until I'm compelled by love to head to Ethiopia and bring home our son or daughter... that might be the only force strong enough to get me on board! So why is this little story a part of our highlights you might ask? Well, because we made it home and we are alive to tell about it :) Amen!
Needless to say, it was a great conference. We are still sorting through and processing all of the information that we "absorbed" in a very short period of time. I think we'll be processing it all for awhile :) But, watch out people... God is definitely stirring our hearts and we know that He has great plans in store!

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  1. It was nice to read a summary of it all. Glad you were kept safe and had such a great time!


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