Saturday, May 23, 2009


This morning Micah came home from the all-night youth group "quiet riot," and desperately needed to sleep. So, Eli and I headed out to Mesa to hang out with Aunt Bonnie at Jeepers! This place reminded me of a crazed-out Chuck E Cheese :) Eli especially enjoyed using his tokens to play the various games - in particular one you can see in the pictures below where you throw balls at the Three Little Pigs and try to knock them down (he was actually pretty good at it!). He also enjoyed a bowling game, and Bozo the clown game. They even have rides in this crazy place, so we went on the airplane ride (once on that was enough for me), and the circus train. There is also a soft play area with tunnels and slides for the kids to climb! I'm telling you, this place has it all... but I think I will need some time to recover before going back again, ha!

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