Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Happy Birthday Eli

Yesterday my little man turned three-years-old, boy how time flies! Both Micah and I took the day off of work and enjoyed an "adventurous" day with Eli, romping around the town. Phoenix recently gained a lightrail, so we decided to ride the "train" (as Eli called it) from Mesa to downtown Phoenix and spend the day exploring the new Children's Museum of Phoenix. We thoroughly enjoyed our lightrail experience and have decided they definitely need to extend the track down here to Queen Creek :) And the museum was incredible! The historical Monroe school building was rennovated to become a 3-story museum with fun activities for children of all ages. We had a wonderful day together as a family, though it was a little bittersweet to see my baby turn another year older.

As a 3-year-old, Eli:
-Loves playing with cars
-Enjoys any game that involves running and falling down
-Would probably play in the backyard all day if he could
-Loves the twirly slide at the park, but absolutely refuses to slide down any straight slides
-Has these rubber Disney characters (Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Goofy and Pluto) who are called his "Friends" and go everywhere with us
-Continues to adore animals and has an ever-growing collection of animal figurines
-Still loves his blanky (and passy) at bedtime
-Reminds us to pray every night at dinner and bedtime
-Tells mommy to "sit by his door" every night when I tuck him in
-Can keep a pretty good beat on the drums (and loves to try other musical instruments)
-Recognizes all of his colors, counts to 20, and is starting to recognize letters
-Likes to check out books from the library and read "lots of 'em" before bed
-Has a very sensitive side, and loves to give hugs
-Has an extremely stubborn side and can throw a mighty strong tantrum :)
-Likes to eat "Cocoa kwispies and Wice Kwispies wif milk on it" for breakfast
-Often asks to watch a movie (Diego, Wonder Pets, Wiggles, Little Einsteins, Veggie Tales)
-Gets excited about going to the Zoo, the mall play area, and especially... Grandma's house!

We love you Eli and are so proud of the "big boy" that you are becoming!


  1. Happy Belated least the valentine shouldn't be late! EAF


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