Thursday, January 22, 2009

Time for Action!

True, the state of Arizona has to make spending cuts next year. But cutting $900 million in funding for education for a state already ranked 49th in this area, is absolutely CRAZY. This proposal, should it go into effect as written, would hurt K-12 education, as well as higher education in drastic ways next year. The layoffs would be astronomical, and AZ's economy would likely hit rock bottom.

Oh, and not to mention, where are the KIDS in all of this? Why should our children have to pay the price for the mistakes of adults? They shouldn't.

Nobody is saying that cuts should not be made in ALL areas (education included), we all do need to give a little to get ourselves out of this budget crisis. But the current plan, authored by John Kavanaugh (Fountain Hills) and Russell Pearce (Mesa) is simply unacceptable.

Please join me on Sunday from 1-3pm at the AZ State Capitol for a "picnic protest." The public must take action, and we must be heard.

Read more about this at AZCentral.

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