Sunday, January 25, 2009

Education Protest at the Capitol

About 2000 educators, parents, students, and community members attended the rally/protest today on the lawn of the state capitol. It was a fantastic time of coming together and supporting a cause we all believe in: our kids. Hopefully we were heard today by legislators, and will continue to be heard in the coming weeks. We do have a major budget crisis to solve here in AZ, but our solutions need to be a bit more creative. Everyone will need to cut back, and everyone will need to sacrifice, but education should not be bearing the brunt of this.

Dr. Gary Nine (Florence U.S.D. Superintendent, aka: my boss), protest organizer, gives the final speech of the day, motivating protesters to continue to contact their legislators and keep the pressure on...

Eli enjoyed his first-ever protest (ha!). He was amazingly well-behaved despite the fact that this 2-hour event overlapped his usual naptime. He loved when people would shout "Boooooo," and would laugh and loudly chime in, "MOOOOO...."

Micah was shocked at the beginning of the rally when Dr. Nine asked him to open it with a prayer! Ha Ha! Good luck Micah! No really, he did great under the pressure :) Talk about being put on the spot by your wife's boss.

All in all, a fun day! If you are local, watch the news... just about every major station covered the event. It will be interesting to see how this all goes down in the coming months...

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