Saturday, December 27, 2008


So it actually happened... I turned 30. It doesn't seem very real that my age now begins with a "3," but nonetheless, I had a great day celebrating. Having a birthday on December 26th was kind of a bummer growing up, but now I tend to like it because I never have to work on my birthday (perks of being in "education"), and often get to enjoy a day of shopping during awesome clearance sales :)

I started my day early, at 4:45am to be exact, and went to meet my mom and sister at the mall. We made out pretty well at a few department stores, had a wonderful breakfast at Paradise Bakery, and then went to mall #2! We hit quite a few more sales, and ended our shopping trip with relaxing pedicures/manicures and pretzels with cheese. We then zipped home to pick up the rest of our families and met up again in the evening for a couple competitive games of bowling, and a very yummy dinner at Joe's BBQ (mmmm...). To top it all off, my awesome husband even let me sleep in this morning! Thanks babe!

So here are 30 things I'm thankful for on my 30th birthday:
1. God's grace and promise of salvation
2. My husband and my son
3. Wonderful parents who gave me a strong foundation for life, and two amazing siblings who were my favorite playmates when I was young and who I am fortunate to remain close with today :)
4. Micah's family (it's awesome to have in-laws that you enjoy being around)
5. My grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, and other extended relatives who regularly keep in touch and remain supportive, no matter the distance between us
6. A fun-loving beagle named Petey (did I mention naughty?)
7. A job that allows me to do what I love, working only 4 days a week
8. My co-workers (who are also my friends)
9. An amazing church family
10. Long-time friends who remain loyal
11. The internet, I'm so glad this was invented during my life!
12. Really good dessert
13. Regular date nights with my husband
14. The opportunity to adopt a child
15. Living in beautiful Arizona
16. Summer Vacations
17. Digital cameras and pictures
18. The art of scrapbooking (and digital scrapbooking!)
19. Fast & easy recipes that turn out yummy!
20. Spending quality time with friends
21. Iced Mochas and Frappacinos
22. The ability to play the piano
23. Music
24. A beautiful home with a yard
25. Nature, and all its majesty
26. Difficult times in my life, that have made me stronger
27. Laughter
28. Cell Phones
29. Movies that make you laugh and cry
30. A bright future, and a lot to look forward to


  1. Happy Birthday Bethany! Sounds like you had a great day! And thanks for joining me in the 30 year old world =) I am thankful for YOU!

  2. What about your siblings? hehe!

  3. Ha Ha! Yes, I guess I didn't specifically say siblings, but I'm definitely thankful for you and Ben! :) I revised #3. :)


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