Saturday, October 18, 2008

Schnepf Farm

I have taken Eli to Schnepf Farm three years in a row now for the Pumpkin/Chili Festival that occurs each October. The first time I took him he was about 8 months old, the second time about 20 months, and now this time a whopping 2.5 years! Each year we take his picture by the pumpkins, so just for fun I thought I should post one from each year...

This year's visit was the first time that I would say Eli actually enjoyed himself. He especially loved the pig races and asks to go back and see them every day. We actually did go visit the Farm a second time this year with our friends Brandee and Bella. Here are a few more pics of the 2008 visits:

Riding on the train

What a funny sheep!

Eli-sized pumpkin

Pestering the sheep with partner-in-crime Bella

Eli and Bella - So cute!

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