Friday, October 3, 2008

"I Thomas"

Lately Eli has had an extra dose of "two-year-oldness" running through his body (ha!). He is pretty much insistent upon disagreeing with everything suggested to him by mom or dad, and showing his displeasure in very over-the-top ways such as kicking and screaming on the floor. It can be really irritating, but also incredibly humorous at times. Yesterday, after one of his especially "tough" mornings, we were preparing to head to the park with some friends. (He finally agreed to put his shoes on after carrying on at length about how he would not go to the park and would not put his shoes on). Right before we left, this was the conversation that occurred:

Me: Okay Eli, you need to be a good boy at the park and listen to mommy.

Eli: Okay mommy.

Me: Do you promise?

Eli: (pauses and thinks) Yes.... (smiles) I Thomas. I wike Thomas mommy.

Me: (confused, yet realizing he is thinking of Thomas the train)

Eli: (continues) Okay Mommy, I be Thomas.

Me: Okay Eli. (Sure glad we had this little chat and came to such a mutual understanding of one another... sigh).

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