Tuesday, October 21, 2008

A Good Prayer

Lately Eli has been getting more into the idea of praying, and will remind us to do so before meals or bedtime. :) The other night at the dinner table we asked Eli if he wanted to say the prayer. He said he did so this is what followed:

Eli (almost inaudibly): "Dee Jeeesus, Kank you fo fooood... mommy... daddy... (other inaudible things are said)"

(long pause)

Eli (loud and proud): "THE END!!"

Micah/Bethany: "Amen?"

Eli: "AMEN!"

He then thinks for a moment and announces: "Dat was a GOOD pwayer!"

Micah and I both got a pretty good laugh out of that and wondered what he must usually think about our prayers since we aren't often in the habit of "rating" them! Ha!

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