Friday, October 24, 2008

Hooray for Eli!

Tonight we celebrate because for the first time, Eli went pee-pee in his potty!! Yeah!! To be honest, we haven't even started really trying to potty train him yet. I had a wise friend tell me that it usually works best to not push the issue and wait until your child is truly ready for it, which for most kids (especially boys) that is around age 3 or even beyond. Eli has always had my knack for stubbornness, so pretty much if he doesn't want to do something, it's not going to happen. Well, tonight the ball was entirely in his court... he decided he was going to pee on the potty (mind you, this was AFTER he emptied most of his bladder on the floor), but then he sat on the potty chair and actually did it! We purchased our potty chair many months ago, and have sat on it many times, but to no avail. We have also talked about going pee-pee on the potty many times, but usually if I would ask Eli if he wanted to do that the answer was most definitely, "No." We made a big deal out of it and cheered loudly. He smiled so big and I could tell he was very proud. Guess we shall see if this trend continues and maybe start setting a date to actually make this more official :) I would definitely love to stop buying diapers!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

A Good Prayer

Lately Eli has been getting more into the idea of praying, and will remind us to do so before meals or bedtime. :) The other night at the dinner table we asked Eli if he wanted to say the prayer. He said he did so this is what followed:

Eli (almost inaudibly): "Dee Jeeesus, Kank you fo fooood... mommy... daddy... (other inaudible things are said)"

(long pause)

Eli (loud and proud): "THE END!!"

Micah/Bethany: "Amen?"

Eli: "AMEN!"

He then thinks for a moment and announces: "Dat was a GOOD pwayer!"

Micah and I both got a pretty good laugh out of that and wondered what he must usually think about our prayers since we aren't often in the habit of "rating" them! Ha!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Drive-In Movie Night

Every year our church sponsors a "Drive In Movie Night" for the community. There is no real driving involved however. Instead, children arrive with ordinary cardboard boxes which they take through auto "stations" to be transformed into fancy cars. The finished vehicles are then parked out in the dirt lot (next to the lawn chairs of the parents), and the kids enjoy a seeing a movie on the big screen from their cool rides... Here are a few snapshots of Eli enjoying his popcorn from the comfort of his new car. I wasn't sure if it turned out looking more like a train car than an actual car, but considering how much he loves Thomas the Train these days, that would have been just fine with him!

Schnepf Farm

I have taken Eli to Schnepf Farm three years in a row now for the Pumpkin/Chili Festival that occurs each October. The first time I took him he was about 8 months old, the second time about 20 months, and now this time a whopping 2.5 years! Each year we take his picture by the pumpkins, so just for fun I thought I should post one from each year...

This year's visit was the first time that I would say Eli actually enjoyed himself. He especially loved the pig races and asks to go back and see them every day. We actually did go visit the Farm a second time this year with our friends Brandee and Bella. Here are a few more pics of the 2008 visits:

Riding on the train

What a funny sheep!

Eli-sized pumpkin

Pestering the sheep with partner-in-crime Bella

Eli and Bella - So cute!

Friday, October 10, 2008

All Dressed Up...

We don't get dressed up very often, so figured I should take advantage of the fact that we have these recent pics from the Kansas City wedding and post them! Notice how GREEN it is! I actually saw leaves falling off of trees, so I guess I can say that this year I experienced "Fall." Ha! The wedding was beautiful and we were grateful to be a part of it. We also spent some time enjoying yummy BBQ, seeing the sights of KC, and hanging out with friends we haven't seen in awhile. Good times, good times :)

Friday, October 3, 2008

Off to KC...

This morning Micah flew to Kansas City where I will be joining him tomorrow! We are headed there for Zack and Carrie's wedding. Zack has been a friend of Micah's since their high school days at Westwood, and I first got to know him right after college at Word of Grace Church in Mesa. Zack stood as a groomsmen in our wedding back in 2002, and Micah is now going to stand as one of his groomsmen this Sunday as he marries his beautiful wife Carrie (whom we can't wait to meet by the way!). They both work as missionaries at the International House of Prayer, which is an awesome ministry based there in KC. We are very excited for them and glad to be a part of their special day. Congratulations Zack and Carrie!!!

"I Thomas"

Lately Eli has had an extra dose of "two-year-oldness" running through his body (ha!). He is pretty much insistent upon disagreeing with everything suggested to him by mom or dad, and showing his displeasure in very over-the-top ways such as kicking and screaming on the floor. It can be really irritating, but also incredibly humorous at times. Yesterday, after one of his especially "tough" mornings, we were preparing to head to the park with some friends. (He finally agreed to put his shoes on after carrying on at length about how he would not go to the park and would not put his shoes on). Right before we left, this was the conversation that occurred:

Me: Okay Eli, you need to be a good boy at the park and listen to mommy.

Eli: Okay mommy.

Me: Do you promise?

Eli: (pauses and thinks) Yes.... (smiles) I Thomas. I wike Thomas mommy.

Me: (confused, yet realizing he is thinking of Thomas the train)

Eli: (continues) Okay Mommy, I be Thomas.

Me: Okay Eli. (Sure glad we had this little chat and came to such a mutual understanding of one another... sigh).